I tried
and I have tried.
And I’m tired
and I have tired.
And here I am,
and here I was.
And here
I will likely
always be.




I know
where it’s hidden.
I know
all the tricks.
All it takes
is one slip.
And then,
all it takes
is one sip.



Falling and failing
and failing to fall.
Where is this rock bottom
I’ve heard so much about?
I’d bet it’s lovely
this time of year
or any time at all.



Languishing all the same.
No matter the place
or its pace,
languishing and lame.



Why reenact a war?
Why recreate a loss?
Why ruminate and dwell
upon an albatross?

book title haiku #2


Our town-
American pastoral,
invisible monsters.

(Thronton Wilder, Philip Roth, Chuck Palahniuk)

book title haiku #1


Under the volcano
woe is I,
the victim.

(Malcolm Lowry, Patricia T. O’Conner, Saul Bellow)



Dear Mr. Ginsberg,

I am the best mind of my generation
and I AM destroyed by madness
and I AM starving
and I AM hysterical
and I AM naked.
I am dragging myself
and I can’t write my own words
so I AM angry
and I AM looking for a fix.
Allen, I’m hoping you’ll save me
but you’re a ghost
so what does that make me?
Where is that ancient heavenly connection?
Where is that starry dynamo?
I am lost in the machinery of night.

(homage to Howl by Allen Ginsberg and to Mr. Ginsberg himself.)



Far is the horizon
and near we are to death
for summer’s heat is blaring
and we are forced to rest
among the dirt and demons
amidst the crowd unblessed
and we will have to labor
for a place to make our nest.



Lie softly
to me.
And whisper
sweet falsehoods.
And feed me
quaint untruths
til I can safely



You told me a story
and I asked
was it a parable.
You said no,
that you just liked talking
about yourself.

album title haiku #4


Discover worlds of wonder,
ecstasy and wine.
Thank god for mental illness.

(Little Wings, My Bloody Valentine, The Brian Jonestown Massacre)

album title haiku #3


Don’t fall in love with everyone you see.
Bitter tea
to find me gone.

(Okkervil River, Fiery Furnaces, Vetiver)

album title haiku #2


The coroner’s gambit-
let it die.
I see a darkness.

(The Mountain Goats, Feist, Bonnie Prince Billy)

album title haiku #1


A ghost is born.
Arise therefore.
We shall all be healed.

(Wilco, Will Oldham, The Mountain Goats)



I can hardly grasp
how I became the asp
when I became the serpent
why I betrayed the fast.


i said, “we should go.”
“no.  what if i never have another minute with you?”


I never did read The Stranger.  But it taught me how to say “I don’t care” in French.



A beer can
and leaking
lies on the bed
amidst other
of garbage.



Not e’en an early spring
can now this Earth redeem
for as she’s been turning
her center’s been churning
now destruction and violence she brings.